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      時(shí)間: 夢(mèng)熒0 分享

      無(wú)論是身處學(xué)校還是步入社會(huì ),我們都要用到試題,那么八年級下冊英語(yǔ)第三次月考試卷怎么做呢?以下是小編準備的一些八年級下冊英語(yǔ)第三次月考試卷,僅供參考。



      本試卷含聽(tīng)力,滿(mǎn)分120分,考試時(shí)間120分鐘 。




      一 聽(tīng)句子,選出該句的最佳答語(yǔ). (5分)

      ( ) 1. A. You’re right. B. You are welcome. C. Good job.

      ( ) 2. A. I’m from Canada. B. It’s southeast of Australia C. Its flag is  red.

      ( ) 3. A. Washington, D.C. B. It is in the north of China.

      C. It’s a famous city.

      ( ) 4. A. On July 4. B. it has a red leaf on it. C. In Ottawa.

      ( ) 5. A. The lion. B. It’s a map of the world. C. They speak Chinese.

      二 聽(tīng)對話(huà)和問(wèn)題,選擇正確的答案. (5分)

      ( )6. Where is the library?

      A. It is south of the school.

      B. It is north of the school.

      C. It is next to the office building.

      ( )7. Where does the boy want to go?

      A. To the Palace Museum.

      B. To the Great Wall.

      C. To Tian’anmen Square.

      ( )8.How many languages can Tom speak?

      A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

      ( )9.Where are they?

      A. At a party. B. In an office. C. In a library.

      ( )10.What color is Lucy’s hair?

      A. Black. B. Brown. C. Blond.

      三 聽(tīng)短文填空,每空一詞. (10分)

      People in many countries speak English as their first language, such as  Australia, the U.K., and Canada. We can see them on the (11)________. Look,  Australia is southeast of China. It has many (12)_______and kangaroos. The U.K.  is (13)______ of China and it’s capital is London. Big Ben is a famous clock in  London. Canada is east of China and the beaver is its (14)_______animal. People  there speak English and (15)________.




      Ⅱ. 詞匯 :用所給單詞的適當形式填空(5分)

      16.It is not easy______(answer) these questions.

      17.I hope_____ ( make ) a new kind of flying machine.

      18.Tommy is much _____(tall) than before.

      19.Mrs.Li makes her son_____(clean) his bedroom every morning.

      20.It  took me twenty minutes_____(walk) to the train station.




      ( )21.It’s hard sometimes    in the future.

      A. talking about B. talk about C. to talk about D. talks about

      ( ) 22.I have a fear of heights , but that won’t stop me from ___ a pilot  .

      A. be B. to be C. been D. being

      ( )23.Fast is the opposite of ___.

      A. slow B. high C. small D. light

      ( ) 24.I would __ a business and __ a team.

      A .run, leading B. run, lead C. to run , to lead D .ran, leading

      ( )25.It’s time to take steps____ them.

      A. to stop B. stop C. stopping D. stopped

      ( ) 26. ----Who is the young man on the billboard(廣告牌) ?

      ----He is Yao Ming , _____

      A. an actor B. a movie star C. a singer D. a basketball star

      () 27.Try your best to learn English , ___ difficult it  is , you shouldn’t give it up.

      A. No matter how B. No matter what C. Whatever D. How

      ( )28. ---____ do you travel?

      --- I take the train

      A How B. What C. When D. Where

      ( )29.I __ Ding Xi .

      A. is born B .was born C. is born in D. was born in

      ( )30.This old building was built in _____ .

      A.1870s B. the 1870s C. 1870’s D .the 1870

      ( )31.That great ___ has ___many ___ so far .

      A invent, invention, inventor B. inventor, invented, invention

      C .inventor , invented, inventions D. inventor, invents, inventions

      ( )32.It ___Mr. Li three hours to finish his work yesterday .

      A .cost B. paid C. spent D .took

      ( )33.Although they are twins , Jack is __taller than Jim .

      A .much B. very C. quite D. More

      ( )34.Lucy is interested in ___.

      A. swim B. to swim C. swiming D. swimming

      ( )35. Li Ming plays the piano ___ a hobby.

      A. as B. of C. be D. make



      Ⅳ.完形填空 (每空1分,共10分)

      During the day we work and play, and at night we sleep. Our bodies rest  while we are __36__. In the morning we are ready____37___ again. Our bodies grow  ____38____ while we are asleep. Children who are tired usually ___39___ sleep.  We can get better at our lessons ___40___ we have had plenty of rest. Boys and  girls who are eight or nine years old need ten hours of sleep every night. Our  bodies need plenty of ____41__ when we sleep. If we do not get enough fresh air,  we ____42___ tired when we wake up. While in bed we must not cover our  ____43___. Our lungs(肺) need to get enough fresh air. If we ___44___ our windows  at night, we can have plenty of fresh air. Cool air is better than warm air.  Boys and girls who want to be ___45___ must get plenty of sleep.

      ( )36.A.asleep B. sleep C. rest D. play

      ( )37. A. to work and playB. working and to play

      C. to work and playing D. working and playing

      ( )38.A. much B. more C. most D. slow

      ( )39.A. can B. may C. need D. must

      ( )40.A. while B. before C. as D. after

      ( )41.A. air B. sun C. water D. food

      ( )42.A.felt B. will feel C. are feeling D. has felt

      ( )43.A. foot B. arm C. head D. body

      ( )44.A. open B. close C. draw D. use

      ( )45.A. happy B. interested C. helpful D. healthy



      Ⅴ. 閱讀理解(A篇每題1分,BC兩篇每題2分,共25分.)


      根據短文內容,判斷正( A )誤 ( B ) (5分)

      Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man  healthy, wealthy and wise. This is an old English saying. It means that we must  go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We  shall also be rich and clever.

      This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of  young age should have ten hours’ sleep every night. People who do not have  enough sleep can’t do their work very well. They won’t be wise and they may not  become healthy!

      The body also needs exercise. Walking , running , swimming  and playing games are all exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong. Exercise  also helps the blood (血液)move around inside the body. This is very important.  Our blood takes food to all parts of our body. The head also has blood. Exercise  helps us think better.

      ( )46. If we get up early and go to bed early, we shall be healthy.

      ( )47. Children of young age shouldn’t have ten hours’ sleep every  night.

      ( )48. A person needs exercise because it makes him strong.

      ( )49. Exercise also helps the blood (血液)move around inside the body

      (  )50. Exercise can’t help our head think better.


      Many students in China are learning English. Some of these students are  small

      children. Others are teenagers(十幾歲的青少年). Many are adults. Some learn at  school, others study by themselves. A few learn English language (語(yǔ)言)over the  radio, on television, or in films. One must work hard to learn another language  .Why do all these people want to learn English? It is difficult to answer that  question. Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their  subjects. They study their own language and maths and English ... Some people  learn English because it is useful for their work. Many people often learn  English for their higher sutdies, because at college or university(大學(xué)) some of  their books are in English. Other people learn English because they want to read  newspaper and magazines in English.

      ( )51. Many students in China are learning English, aren't they? ____.

      A. No, they aren't B. No, they are

      C. Yes, they are D. Yes, they aren't

      ( )52. If one wants to learn another language well, he must ____.

      A.  learn at school B. study by himself

      C. work hard D. study hard

      ( )53. The sentence "It is difficult to answer that question" means  ____.

      A. that question is not difficult to answer

      B. that question is difficult to answer it

      C. it is difficultly to answer that question

      D. it is hard to answer that question

      ( )54. "Their own language" means ____.

      A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese

      ( )55. What's the Chinese of "study by themselves"?

      A. 和他們一起學(xué)習 B. 自學(xué)

      C. 向他們學(xué)習 D. 通過(guò)學(xué)習


      Everyone likes living in a clean and comfortable. environment. If the  environment(環(huán)境) are bad, it will affect(影響)our body, and make us not feel well.  Sometimes we may be terribly ill. At that time we don’t want to work, and we  have to stay in bed and rest at home. So the environment is very important to  us.

      It’s germs that makes us ill. There are germs everywhere, They are very  small and you can’t find them with your own eyes, but you can see them with a  microscope(顯微鏡)They are very small and there may be hundreds of them on a very  small thing, Germs can always be found in dirty water. When we look at dirty  water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Germs can also be found in  air and dust(灰塵). If you cut your finger, some of the dust from the floor may go  into it, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs will go into all  of your body, and you will have pain everywhere.

      To keep us healthy, we should try to our best to make our environment  become cleaner and tidier. This needs us to act together.

      ( )56.The writer tell us that________.

      A. we like working when we are ill

      B. germs can’t live in the water.

      C. we can’t feel ill if the environment is bad.

      D. we feel well when the environment is good.

      ( )57.Germs are________.

      A. very small things that you can’t see with your eyes.

      B. the things that don’t effect people.

      C. the things that you can find with your eyes.

      D. the things that are very big.

      ( )58. Where can germs be found? They can be found_________.

      A. on the small thing B. in air and dust

      C. only in dirty water D. everywhere

      ( )59.How will you feel if germs go into the finger that is cut?

      A. I will feel nothing. B. I won’t mind.

      C. I will feel tense. D. I will feel painful.

      ( )60. From the passage we know that________.

      A. environment doesn’t affect our life

      B. we don’t need to improve our environment

      C. germs may make us ill

      D. if the environment is better, germs will be more.



      Ⅵ. 句型轉換(每小題2分,計10分)

      61.She is a teacher. (用she is a worker變選擇疑問(wèn)句)

      _______ she a teacher ______ a worker?

      62. He didn’t go to work because he was ill.(變同義句)

      He didn’t go to work because ______ his ______.

      63.Miss Read draws well.(變同義句)

      Miss Read is ______ ______ drawing.

      64.Peter is taller than any other student.(變同義句)

      Peter is ______ ______of all the students.

      65. They are working now. (用tomorrow 代替now)

      They ______ ______ tomorrow.



      Ⅶ 從方框中選擇正確的詞并用其恰當的形式填空(每空1分,共10分)

      Or  up  when  be   play  advise  write  play   question   tall

      Hi Li Ming !

      You are right .I love _66__ basketball ,and I’ m much __67___ this year  .

      However , I’m not going to be a basketball__68__ when I grow 69____ . .

      I __70_ an e-mail to Helen about my future this week .She is a wise woman  .

      She works for the newspaper and gives advice to people . I asked her many  71____.

      She gave me some_72__ . She said I might be an actor . I would like to

      be a famous movie star someday .73____ maybe I will be an actor on TV .

      It would be great__74___ rich and famous _75____ I’m older .But no  matter

      what , I will always be your friend !

      All the best ,




      Ⅷ. 任務(wù)型閱讀理解(每小題1分,共5分).

      I’m Jack. I’m living in a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood. I have been  living here for 10 years. There’s a beautiful park near the neighbourhood. I  always take a walk in it. A big supermarket and more than twenty different shops  are in my neighbourhood. So it’s very convenient (方便的) for us to buy things.

      My neighbours are very friendly to me. We just like good friends. I am  always chatting with them after dinner. I like to talk with them. We talk about  the current news, the popular singers, the same hobbies and so on. I love my  neighbourhood very much.


      76. I am ten years old now. ( )

      77. I often talk a walk in the ______.

      78. How many shops are in my neighbourhood?


      79. Are the neighbours friendly to me?


      80. ___________________________________________



      Ⅸ 完成對話(huà) (每空1分,共5分)

      A: What can I do for you, sir?

      B: I'm looking for a white T-shirt.

      A: ___81____

      B: Size L.

      A: Sorry, __82____

      B: Have you got any other colour?

      A:Yes,___83___It is very popular this year.

      B: Well, it looks nice.__84___

      A: Sure...look! It fits you well.

      B:I think so.___85___

      A:138 yuan.

      B:I really like it. Though it is a bit expensive, I'll take it.

      A. How much is  it?

      B. Thank you very  much.

      C. Can I try it  on, please?

      D. What about the yellow  one?

      E. What size do you want,  please?

      F. The white ones in your size are  sold out.



      Ⅹ 書(shū)面表達 (15分)

      每個(gè)人心里都有對未來(lái)的憧憬,你的未來(lái)將會(huì )是什么樣子的呢?請根據下面的提示及要求,以“ My future ”為題寫(xiě)一篇英語(yǔ)短文。

      提示:1.我想當一名醫生,幫助并照顧病人,不論多辛苦,我都不會(huì )放棄我的工作;

      2.我還希望有一個(gè)幸福的家庭,我的工作和家庭會(huì )讓我感到快樂(lè )。






      聽(tīng)力 (1-10每題1分,11-15每題2分,共計20分)

      1—5 BBACA 6—10 BBCAC

      11.map 12. Beaches 13.west 14.national 15.French.


      16 to answer 17 to make 18 taller 19 clean 20 to walk


      21-25CDABA 26-30BAADB 31-35CDADA


      36-40 AABCD 41-45AACAD


      46-50ABAAB 51-55 CCDAB 56-60 DADDC


      61. Is, or 62. of; illness 63. good at 6 4. the tallest 65. will work 


      66 . Playing 67 .taller 68 .player 69.up 70. wrote

      71. questions 72.advice 73.Or 74.to be 75. when


      1. F 2. park 3. More than twenty.

      4. Yes, they are. 5. 晚飯后我總是和他們一塊閑聊



      作文(15分) 略



      2、參與課堂活動(dòng)。英語(yǔ)課上,老師一般都會(huì )設置很多情景活動(dòng)、互動(dòng)環(huán)節,建議同學(xué)們積極參與其中!積極參與到老師設置的情景和活動(dòng)中,絕對是自己練習使用英語(yǔ)的最好機會(huì )。而且一般練習的都是當堂學(xué)習內容,等于把剛剛學(xué)會(huì )的知識進(jìn)行了二次鞏固,這也能讓我們更加牢固的掌握所學(xué)內容。在這個(gè)過(guò)程中,我們的口語(yǔ)能力、交際能力、語(yǔ)言運用能力也會(huì )得到加強!膽子小、性格內向的同學(xué),更加要試試這個(gè)方法哦,不要怕出錯,重要的不是完美無(wú)誤,而是自信的表達!



      2239823 么公吃我奶水边吃饭边做-太深了太爽了受不了了-久久婷婷五月综合色国产