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      學(xué)習啦 > 學(xué)習方法 > 考試試卷 >


      時(shí)間: 舒淇4599 分享




      1.A) Spending their holidays in a novel way.

      2. D) He once owned a van.

      3. A) Generate their own electricity.

      4.C) Enjoying the freedom to choose where to go and work.

      5. C) Her job performance has worsened over the past month.

      6.B) Some problems at home

      7. B) The woman's work proficiency.

      8. C) The woman will be off work on the next two Mondays.

      9. D) It can enable us to live a healthier and longer life.

      10.B) The spouse's level of education can impact one'shealth.

      11.A) They had more education than their spouses.

      12.C) Forecasting flood risks accurately.

      13.D) To improve his mathematical flooding model.

      14.A) To forecast rapid floods in real time.

      15.B) They set up Internet-connected water-level sensors.

      16.B) To argue about the value of a college degree.

      17.D) The factor of wages.

      18.A) The sharp decline in marriage among men with no college degrees.

      19.C) More and more people prioritize animal welfare when buying things to wear.

      20.D)Avoided the use of leather and fur.

      21.A)Whether they can be regarded as ethical.

      22.D) The era we live in is the most peaceful in history.

      23.C) They believed the world was deteriorating.

      24.B) Our psychological biases.

      25.A) Paying attention to negative information.



      開(kāi)頭:The desert is deceiving. At first glance it is.....

      答案速查: 26-30DAFCB 31-35NLHMO

      26. D flat

      27. A apt

      28. F overflowing

      29.C extremes

      30.B burning

      31. N synonymous

      32. L stimulate

      33. H probably

      34. M sturdy

      35. O unique


      標題:Treasure Fever

      答案速查:36-40 FBIDG

      41-45 LCJEK

      36.[F] Exploration of shipwrecks on the sea floor is crucial in updating our understanding of humanity’

      s past.

      37.[B] Quite a number of majestic ships sailing from Europe to America were wrecked off the

      Florida coast over the centuries.

      38. [1] Pritchett suffered a heavy loss when a US district court ruled against him.

      39.[D] Recently, people who found treasures in shipwrecks have been sued over their rights to

      own them.

      40.[G] Pritchett claims he got support of millions of dollars from investors for his ship wreck


      41 [L] One pioneer marine scientist thinks archaeologists should make greater efforts to publish

      their findings.

      42.[C] With technological advancement in recent years, salvors now can detect the invaluable

      man-made objects lying buried under the sea.

      43. [J] According to a lawyer, many treasure hunters are susceptible to loss because they are

      unaware they face a financially stronger opponent in court.

      44.[E] Salvors of treasures in sunken ships and marine archaeologists are now hostile to each


      45. [K] Archaeologists want to see artifacts help humans understand their past instead of being

      sold to private collectors at an outrageous price.

      Passage One


      46. C) She has refrained from using social media.

      47. C) Most people can hardly get by without the Internet due to growing digitization.

      48. D) Most families in the UK do not have stable broadband connections.

      49. B) They help many people feel connected with others.

      50. A) Having access to the Internet.

      Passage Two

      答案速查: 51-55 DDCBD

      51. D) The impact of competition.

      52. D) Satisfy their own desires while observing social conventions.

      53. C) It is free from the rational intervention of humans.

      54. B) Struggles for survival do not exclude mutual support.

      55. D)People’ s attitude towards competition is actually culture-bound.


      在中國,隨著(zhù)老齡化社會(huì )的到來(lái),養老受到普遍關(guān)注。人們談?wù)撟疃嗟氖菓敳扇∈裁礃拥酿B老模式。多數人認為,養老模式需要多元化??梢酝ㄟ^(guò)政府引導和社會(huì )參吾與,建立更多更好的養老服務(wù)機構,改進(jìn)社區服務(wù)中心,鼓勵居家自助養老,還可以推行家庭養老與社會(huì )養老相結合的模式。隨著(zhù)政府和社會(huì )對養老服務(wù)事業(yè)投入的持續增加,養老設施將不斷升級,服務(wù)質(zhì)量逐步改進(jìn),老年人的生活將會(huì )更加方便舒適、健康快樂(lè )。

      As China is facing an ageing society,there is awidespread concern over the issue of elderly care.What kind of care model for the elderly should beadopted is the most debated topic.The majorityof?people believe that the care model for the elderlyshould be diversified.More and better elderly serviceinstitutions can be established,community servicecentres can be improved,and self-care for theelderly at home can be encouraged through government guidance and social participation.It isalso possible to promote a model of the elderly thatcombines family and social care.The continuousincrease in government and social investment inservices for the elderly witlbring further improvements in care facilities,gradual enhancements in the quality of services and a moreconvenient and comfortable life with health andhappiness for the elderly.


      With their valuable skills and experiences,elderly people can continue to make significant contributions to society.This view is accepted by more and more citizens as they wit-ness firsthand the capabilities of these experienced individ-uals.

      First of all,the older generation,especially highly skilled workers,is still irreplaceable for jobs that require extensive skills and expertise.Without them,it is highly possible that work quality and efficiency will be seriously affected.In ad-dition,these senior citizens play a significant role in trainingor cultivating the young generation by passing down their valuable skills and experiences.Young people,benefiting from this mentorship,can directly contribute to their organi-zations and country.Finally,the elderly can even be part of think tanks,offering precious advice or suggestions to the management teams of firms or to the government,thus pro-moting development.

      Therefore,recognizing the significance of elderly people and encouraging their active participation in society is cru-cial,rather than merely viewing them as individuals who should retire from active life.

      憑借他們寶貴的技能和經(jīng)驗,老年人可以繼續為社會(huì )做出重大貢獻。這一觀(guān)點(diǎn)被越來(lái)越多的公民所接受,因為他們親眼目睹了這些有經(jīng)驗的人的能力。

      首先,對于需要廣泛技能和專(zhuān)業(yè)知識的工作,老一代,特別是高技能工人,仍然是不可替代的。沒(méi)有他們,工作質(zhì)量和效率很可能會(huì )受到嚴重影響。此外,這些老年人通過(guò)傳遞寶貴的技能和經(jīng)驗,在培訓或培養年輕一代方面發(fā)揮著(zhù)重要作用。受益于這種指導的年輕人可以直接為他們的組織和國家做出貢獻。最后,老年人甚至可以成為智庫的一員,為企業(yè)的管理團隊或政府提供寶貴的意見(jiàn)或建議,從而促進(jìn)發(fā)展。

      因此,認識到老年人的重要性并鼓勵他們積極參與社會(huì )是至關(guān)重要的,而不是僅僅把他們視為應該退出積極生活的個(gè)人。



      全國英語(yǔ)六級改革之后,報道成績(jì)滿(mǎn)分為710分,凡考試成績(jì)在220分以上的考生,由國家教育部高教司委托“全國大學(xué)英語(yǔ)四六級考試委員會(huì )”發(fā)給成績(jì)單,不設及格線(xiàn)。



      建議學(xué)生能夠在大一、大二就趕緊考過(guò)四六級,因為高中的基礎還在,復習一下基礎還好的人就能輕松通過(guò)。但很多人都對此不太重視,考前根本沒(méi)有認真復習,想碰運氣及格。還有同學(xué)認為四六級考試一年可以考兩次,還有很多機會(huì ),這次考不過(guò)下次還可以努力。這些都是導致四六級通過(guò)率下降的原因。



      說(shuō)明:寫(xiě)作部分占整套試卷的15% =106.5分



      聽(tīng)力部分 =248.5分


      1、長(cháng)對話(huà) 8% 8個(gè)題目 每小題7.1分。

      2、聽(tīng)力篇章 7% 共7小題,每小題7.1分。

      3、講話(huà)、報道、講座 20% 共10個(gè)小題,每小題14.2分。

      六級閱讀理解 35% =248.5分


      1、選詞填空 5% 10個(gè)題,每小題3.55分

      2、長(cháng)篇閱讀 10% 10個(gè)題,每小題7.1分。

      3、仔細閱讀 20% 共2篇,一篇5個(gè)題,每小題14.2分。

      六級翻譯部分 漢譯英 15% =106.5分

      段落翻譯答題時(shí)間30分鐘 ,106.5分。


      1.擁有英語(yǔ)六級證書(shū)可以獲得保研和碩博連讀的優(yōu)先機會(huì ):眾所周知,能夠保研和碩博連讀就好比中了“大樂(lè )透”,誰(shuí)都渴望有這種榮幸,可以少奮斗多少個(gè)日日夜夜。但機會(huì )向來(lái)只青睞有準備的人,你如果什么出眾的條件都沒(méi)有,誰(shuí)敢保你,即使保薦了你,還得對方看得上吧。


      那么,報考這些職務(wù)自然就需要有英語(yǔ)六級成績(jì)才有資格報考。缺了英語(yǔ)六級成績(jì),你的專(zhuān)業(yè)成績(jì)再好,條件再優(yōu)秀,你也改變不了招考的要求。大好機會(huì )就在你面前溜走了。

      3.英語(yǔ)六級證書(shū)可以滿(mǎn)足就職需求:部分需要接觸英語(yǔ)較多的企事業(yè)單位,外企和大型對外經(jīng)貿企業(yè)會(huì )對英語(yǔ)要求較高。通常他們也不會(huì )直接招聘英語(yǔ)專(zhuān)業(yè)的學(xué)生,因為專(zhuān)業(yè)面狹窄。非英語(yǔ)專(zhuān)業(yè)英語(yǔ)成績(jì)又好的學(xué)生是他們最為青睞的對象。

      4.英語(yǔ)六級證書(shū)是評優(yōu)評先的重要依據:不管在學(xué)校還是入職后,評優(yōu)評先,參評各種中級職稱(chēng)高級職稱(chēng)時(shí),英語(yǔ)六級都是一項優(yōu)勢。讓自己學(xué)識更精深,實(shí)力更強大。是金子總是會(huì )閃光的。





      2197073 么公吃我奶水边吃饭边做-太深了太爽了受不了了-久久婷婷五月综合色国产